Alteryx Analytics now connected to Microsoft BI Power

By opening the analytical BI Service Cloud Power Microsoft Alteryx Analytics platform enriches its preparation and data analysis. Azure integration with Machine Learning is the program.

Alteryx Analytics now connected to Microsoft BI Power-1

Since the general availability of BI Power in late July, Microsoft has repeatedly expanded its service business intelligence. However, the partnership announced yesterday with Alteryx, a supplier that operates a preparation platform and data analysis is particularly interesting because it now allows users of version 10.0 of Alteryx Analytics to treat their BI results in Power.

The Alteryx workflow tool is simple, supports drag-and-drop and can receive various data sources. The platform already allows analysts to cleanse, transform and enrich the data to make predictive analysis, advanced statistical and spatial. But, through this partnership, users of version 10.0 of Alteryx Analytics can export their data to BI Power where they can be viewed and analyzed by different professionals. Alteryx also helps prepare the data in SQL Server 2014 and analysts can combine data sources directly within the database. “The data and preparation is done in the SQL Server environment, so that the delivery of results faster,” said Alteryx who says his approach “radically different from the preparation of the data helps to be up to 100 times faster than traditional approaches. “

Azure integration with Machine Learning

Furthermore, Alteryx now integrates with the text analysis capabilities of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, which allows analysts to understand the feelings of customers expressed in textual data. Soon, Microsoft Azure services, including Microsoft SQL Azure Data Warehouse and Microsoft Azure HDInsight will be able to exploit data stored in the cloud to the data blending and advanced analytics. “Future versions will also allow more thorough exchanges with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning”, further stated Alteryx. Alteryx also allows users to mix SharePoint data with data from other sources via direct connectors, and direct access to SharePoint data to exploit them.

Note that since this week, a rival Power BI has more: during the conference AWS Re: Invent held this week in Las Vegas, Amazon launched a new business intelligence tool called QuickSight.

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