Apple removes ad blockers from the App Store

The universe of ad blockers seems abuzz in recent weeks, most happening does a week without it got the news. This time it’s Apple who has decided to withdraw its ad blockers App Store.

Apple removes ad blockers from the App Store-1

The Cupertino company has decided to withdraw the ad blockers its App Store. The reason given is user safety! Apple explained to the editors what they need to fix to get back in the App Store.

Apple leads the pub blockers towards the release of its App Store

The firm Apple has spent a little bit of brushes in its App Store and removed several applications, mainly ad blockers. This cleaning for terminal running iOS 9. Apple explained that it is not a step backwards in its policy on the pub blocking its Safari browser, but some blockers seem to have gone too far for Apple .

The giant explained that it is a potential security problem that the company is not willing to take. Advertising in question blockers were installing root certificates “to monitor the customer’s network data” with all the risks that implies as the risk of “compromised security solutions SSL / TLS.” A good developer can indeed access the encrypted traffic from the terminal easily.

Other ad blocking applications using a VPN technology and were passing user data traffic on the servers of the publisher, in order to remove advertising. Apple estimated that the risk of malicious practices were much too high. The firm has decided to remove the ad blockers concerned and proposed solutions so that publishers can make changes to regain their place in the App Store.

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