AWS: Tools and more muscular bodies for developers

During the conference AWS Re: Invent being held on 5 and 6 October last in Las Vegas, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said that “the development of applications and services for the cloud had become a common practice “. The service provider has announced a series of new features for users of its cloud platform, more powerful bodies, and better support for containers.

AWS: Tools and more muscular bodies for developers-1

A Las Vegas for the event Re: Invent (the 5 and 6 October) AWS announced several enhancements to its Lambda service which allows developers to run code blocks when they need it, regardless the supply of resources. Now Lambda provides access to resources hosted in a virtual private cloud. Companies that have placed the Virtual Private Cloud at the heart of their cloud strategy should appreciate this new feature. In addition, the service will also allow them to create features with the popular Python programming language.

In addition, Amazon has delivered a new registry called Registry EC2 Container containers must improve the management and deployment of images of Docker containers. Users can now send images from their containers at the Container Registry local machines and then use them for deployment on EC2 Container Service. In addition, developers who find them insufficient command line interfaces can use the new EC2 CLI Container Service to handle containerized applications they want to run in the Amazon managed container service.

Tougher instances based Xeon E7 v3

Developers can also use the new X1 instance to run intensive workloads in memory, especially the SAP HANA database. Powered by Intel Xeon processors E7 v3 based on the Haswell architecture whose output is planned for early next year, this high-performance instance can provide up to 2TB of memory. Amazon did not disclose the price of these instances, but considering the available memory capacity, the rate may be quite high.

It probably will not be the case for new proceedings t2.nano announced by Amazon, which will enable developers to access a single virtual processor and 512 MB (yes, megabyte) of memory. As is the case with other instances t2, the nano version allows to combine CPU credit and use it to access an entire processor heart for an hour. The characteristics of this offer are similar to those of other bodies t2 unveiled last year by Amazon, but less powerful.

Create new applications with AWS

T2.nano the bodies are adapted to average workloads, with any peaks at times. In a blog post announcing the new instance type, the head of AWS evangelist Jeff Barr, said the bodies t2.nano well suited to sites with moderate traffic, but they can respond to flare-off traffic. AWS has not disclosed the price of these bodies. All we know is that they will be available later this year.

With these new options, Amazon is found in close competition with Microsoft, Google and other cloud providers all trying to attract large and small businesses to their platforms. If, during his speech, the head of AWS, Andy Jassy, ​​particularly insisted on the benefits of Amazon over its competitors, Werner Vogels, CRO AWS has rather tried to encourage developers to create and to publish new applications. “The time for building applications has never been better, then please, go ahead! “He said.

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