CIS semi Valley 2019: Cap cloud and managed services

SSII Bordeaux has increased its operating profit by more than 7 in the first half 2015. CIS Valley and takes the benefits of its latest strategic orientation plan that led him to strongly expand its business in the cloud and managed services .

2015 promises to be a record year for CIS Valley. In the first half, the Bordeaux SSII has indeed generated an operating profit of € 291K. This amount is not only seven times higher than that recorded in the same period a year earlier. It also exceeds 206 K € in operating income as the service company has published for its entire year 2014. According to Mathieu Le Treut, the commercial director of CIS Valley, this performance demonstrates the relevance of the plan strategic direction implemented by the provider in 2012 to 2014. “One of the central ideas of this plan was to focus on our business in the cloud and managed services. They emit more margin than our distribution services and infrastructure integration, “he says.

€ 9 million of expected outsourcing revenues in 2015

Result, the cloud activity / outsourcing CIS Valley, representing between 4 and 4.5 M € of billings three years ago, is expected to generate € 9 million in sales in 2015. The rise of this family benefits was made possible in part by the boost given to CIS Valley by its shareholder BPCE. The banking group has enabled the IT services company to use part of the capacity of its four data centers and, thereby, can target more customers, including major accounts. “Until then, we only had a data center in Bordeaux which was already running at 70% of its possibilities,” recounts Mathieu Le Treut.

For now, this development strategy oriented to the cloud and managed services deployed to the detriment of overall company billings. This has also nothing illogical since these two activities generate revenue deferred in time, in contrast to the integration infrastructure. Indeed, CIS Valley for the first half 2015 revenues of € 16.5 million, essentially identical to the first half of 2014. This stability should also prevail for the whole of the current financial year with € 33 million of revenue. The company will therefore always be reached, even with a year late, its goal was to achieve more than € 50 million in sales at the end of its 2012-2014 plan.

A new orientation plan that strengthens the axes of the first

This “misfires” however, is not such as to call into question the development strategy of the business margins through outsourcing and cloud. Its new strategic orientation plan 2015-2017 resumes in fact the fundamentals of its predecessor by seeking to strengthen. This last point is illustrated by the recent establishment of a division called Cloud and Services, which consists of a consolidation of facilities management and integration of the IT services infrastructure. “Customers with whom we integrate infrastructures asking us more and more to provide them with associated facilities management services. As for outsourcing projects we are implementing for some companies, it often includes an initial phase equivalent to what we do as part of the integration infrastructure, “explains Mathieu Le Treut.

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