Delphix virtualizes and secure sensitive data before the cloud

New approaches to virtualization and data masking hear enable companies to manage their data more security in the cloud. The Data as data management solution Delphix service is a response to this problem.

Delphix virtualizes and secure sensitive data before the cloud-1

Live from Menlo Park – Many companies are still reluctant to move certain sensitive data to the cloud. Often for good reasons. Copy tons of data to meet the need of DevOps is a serious problem. It is also very easy to make mistakes: copy a single file to the wrong place, and 10,000 credit cards numbers can be found on a forum like Pastebin.

Delphix, we have already met twice in Menlo Park, today boasts of having become a type of service provider “Data-as-a-Service.” The solution of the start-up, founded in 2008 by Jed Yueh, based on a software appliance that ensures the creation of several copies of existing virtualized data (multiple DBMS are supported), by masking sensitive information. Instead of making full copies of data sets required for the work of developers – to make real testing before a production start for example – IT staff can simply virtualize all, including the latest changes. “We dédupliquons and compress data copied before offering them in our virtualization layer DaaS,” said Daniel us Graves, vice president in charge of the product in Delphix.

Copy and secure sensitive data

Delphix its solution intended for developers, who want to work safely with real data according to Daniel Graves. “Technology helps keep the hand and security on the process while trying to go faster with type DevOps development methods […] A financial service, or a public health establishment with a strong requirement Data governance must manage copies of data difficult to control and reconcile “.

A typical use case for Delphix solution is to keep the production on site, but to use a development environment and testing in the cloud. The platform allows users to collect data and to virtualize and mask sensitive data before reproduce before moving safely in the cloud (AWS Cloud and Google are supported). Hiding data selectively blocks portions of a set of data such as credit card numbers or customer addresses – is a critical protective function proposed by Delphix through last May acquisition of Axis Technology Software, based in Boston. Delphix already working with this company for pimp and secure data in its solution told us the leader. Other companies like Informatica also offers the data protection method.

Prepare transition to cloud

Companies already using the solution of the start-up. Fastweb, an Italian operator, has selected DaaS Delphix to accelerate the release of certain services by allowing its developers to work with fresh data and access to resources demand. According to a press release, Fastweb was able to eliminate some errors based on the use of outdated data. The DaaS platform proposed by Delphix entice businesses have already made the leap to the cloud, but also those who have questions about the security of their data once from the scope of the company.

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