Exclusive: Following its integration in Orange, Cloudwatt rest … Cloudwatt

The offer of Cloudwatt is integrated into the range of cloud services from Orange Business Services. The Cloudwatt brand continues, and technical and marketing teams remain intact.

It was in March 2015 that the redemption Cloudwatt Orange was finalized. Since then, very little information has leaked about how the sovereign cloud would be integrated by the incumbent. Since, in parallel Cloudwatt continued its R & D sites. Its technical teams have delivered a series of new services last six months: Hadoop service load balancer, high performance block storage …

We now know a bit more about how the merger of the two entities will be implemented. Legally the Cloudwatt company merged with Orange. But Cloudwatt products and services are maintained. “They are integrated under the brand Cloudwatt the range of offers from Orange Business Services cloud”, says Thierry Chaumeron responsible for Cloudwatt products.

Cloudwatt teams remain intact

Cloudwatt thus slides into the Cloud for Business Orange range (covering accommodation, roommate and cloud). His offer of sovereign cloud, based on the open source OpenStack infrastructure, rounds out the infrastructure cloud services Flexible Computing Orange Business Services (based on VMware). The technical and marketing teams of the company (representing 70 people) pass therefore to the flag of Orange Business Services (OBS). “They remain intact and continue to work on offer Cloudwatt” said Thierry Chaumeron.

Planned synergies with the prestigious Orange Labs

Looking ahead, a number of synergies are envisaged. “We bring to Orange Business Cloud for a dimension of indirect sales that he did not,” said Thierry Chaumeron. “Contrary to what has been written, it is a dimension on which we will therefore continue to work. It will not prevent Orange Business Services enable us also to develop direct sales via sales teams Orange Cloud for Business. ” As regards direct sales, three large targets will be preferred initially to supply Cloudwatt: large accounts, the public sector and the IT sector (particularly startups, integrators and publishers).

But what about synergies in product? The cloud storage offering Flexible Storage mode Orange Business Services leans since 2013 to Cloudwatt infrastructure. But now synergies are considered in many other areas. “This is particularly the case on the front of Big Data with another group entity: Enterprise digital services Orange for Business Applications”, we Thierry Chaumeron slides. Synergies are also beginning to be initiated with Orange Labs Products & Services, in particular to build a cloud infrastructure (IaaS) Internal Orange in OpenStack.

The contract with the DINSIC a Milestone

In July, Orange Business Services won the first call for state tenders for public cloud. It explicitly stated a need for “interoperability with the OpenStack API platform or equivalent”. OBS has therefore backed Cloudwatt to respond, with complementing the provision of managed services tailor-made for provisioning portal, provision of application pictures … This strategic contract for the services of State allows supply Cloudwatt to be registered in the catalog of services DINSIC (Directorate for Inter digital information and communication systems). Being present in this prestigious catalog opens the possibility for suppliers to be retained by the different ministries without having to go through the box of the tender.

Numergy also positioned in the tender of DINSIC

Faced with OBS in the appeals process offers the DINSIC, Numergy was indeed present. Reportedly, the two sovereigns clouds appeared in several response files. Both based on a model of indirect sales, they were each provided by several providers. As Cloudwatt, Numergy has also also candidate with his own partner and shareholder operator SFR. Atos and Outscale have also tried to win the valuable contract. But ultimately, the State has opted for the value proposition of the incumbent and its technical military arm: Cloudwatt. Facing Numergy, its pricing policy has undoubtedly notably contributed to the difference.

(As the result of the tender fell on July 21, the information of a possible withdrawal of the state in Numergy was published by our colleague from the Digital Factory and a half months later.)

Scaling Up: last condition for the success of Cloudwatt

Faced with projects that could be motorized internally within the Orange group and the framework agreement signed with DINSIC, Cloudwatt now faces a major challenge: moving its infrastructure and support capacity to scale. Faced with this challenge, the sovereign provides cloud was a few days with more robust bodies. Based servers with Intel processor clocked at 2.6 v3 Ghrz (3.6 Ghrz boost in configuration), these VMs can mount up to 16 processors (CPU) virtual, 104 GB RAM, and 300 GB of SSD storage . The all-priced 0.9336 euros per hour for Linux. In network terms, Cloudwatt tarife outgoing traffic 0.014 euros per GB from 2 TB (knowing that a promotional offer valid until December 24, 2015 can benefit from 10TB of free traffic instead of 2). “Our services and Hadoop Analytics as a Service will benefit from this new infrastructure to support Big Data platform deployment,” commented Thierry Chaumeron.

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