Google launches cloud platform for Big Data analytics

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Cloud services can be used by software developers, cloud administrators, and other IT professionals on the Internet or through a dedicated network connection. This service is not intended for large audiences who want to host their memories on Google Cloud Photo.

Google Cloud Platform: What are the benefits

Like all cloud platforms, Google’s has the advantage of saving businesses infrastructure management, server provisioning and network configuration. In addition, Google also highlights the evolutionary aspect of its infrastructure . Constantly updated and optimized, the platform has the expertise of Google and is both powerful, economical and secure.

With the server-less, fully managed computing system, users can move from prototype to production on a global scale without worrying about capacity, reliability, or performance. Highlights of the Google Cloud Platform include a backbone data center network consisting of thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cable combined with advanced networking and edge caching services to provide advanced data networking capabilities. extreme performance. The Mountain View firm also focuses on security with a cloud infrastructure protected by more than 700 experts .

Google launches cloud platform for Big Data analytics

Google launches cloud platform for Big Data analytics At its French event Next on October 13, the American unveils a cloud environment for data exploration and visualization. It is cut to take advantage of Google BigQuery.

On the occasion of its French event Next which is held this October 13 in Paris, the Google Cloud Platform team announces the global opening of a new service: Google Cloud Datalab . “This is an interactive data mining and visualization environment for data scientists,” says Greg DeMichillie, Google Cloud Platform Product Product Manager , before adding, “We’re not here to this service, to compete with the editors of data visualization tools like Tableau. “

Unlike packet-based data visualization solutions, Google Cloud Datalab is actually cut for developer profiles. It is based on IPython notebook: a Pyhon shell. “IPython notebook allows you to perform processing within BigQuery data, then render it visually, for example, in the form of graphics, which can then be shared within your company,” explains Greg DeMichillie.

A tool compatible with Hadoop or Spark

Google Cloud Datalab can also draw on data stored on Google Cloud Storage , as well as in other technological ecosystems, oriented Big Data, such as Hadoop or Spark. All of these sources can even be combined by the solution into a single data pipeline (combining exploration, transformation and visualization). With the ability to associate multiple languages ​​(Python, SQL and BigQuery UDF), Google Cloud Datalab finally allows to define and deploy models of machine learning.

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