HP finally threw in the towel in the public cloud

Preferring to concentrate its efforts in the field of private and hybrid cloud, HP announced the end of its offer Helion running on OpenStack Public Cloud on 31 January 2016. A decision which positions the company away from the strategy of its rivals IBM and Oracle.

The public cloud is no longer in the odor of sanctity, HP. So it was a few months the American giant was out of joint to deny what his cloud director, Bill Hilf, about a withdrawal from the public cloud market, not today any more the case. On the contrary even, since HP recently formalized its offer late Helion Public Cloud, built on the open source OpenStack framework. Final judgment has also been set for 31 January 2016. “We took the decision to double our capacities in the field of private and outsourced cloud. Hybrid infrastructure is the future of enterprise IT, “said in a blog post Bill Hilf. The particular company plans to invest in its private cloud offers Helion CloudSystem.

Not available in France, HP’s public cloud offering did not meet the expected success in the United States. Its judgment is a significant withdrawal for HP, a few weeks after the formalization of the organizational separation into two entities. While rivals like IBM and Oracle continue to offer public cloud services, HP prefers clearly follow the path traced by Dell based on offers partners to provide customers the public cloud.

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