Kaspersky Lab escalates the protection of virtual machines

The publisher of antivirus solutions Kaspersky Lab has added its patented technology to virtualized environments protection software under Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere. This keeps the performance maintaining a maximum level of security.

To limit the impact of the operation of the antivirus agent Security for Virtualization – Light Agent on Windows virtual environments, Kaspersky just add a technology it has patented. It allows to manage priorities during virus detection procedures (scan) on virtual machines.

A corporate virtual environment generally consists of a dedicated VM protected by a security solution and a network of stations with virtual agents, said Kaspersky in an explanatory note on its website. A network connection is installed between the VM and dedicated agents to allow the exchange of data in the file scanning on demand (on-demand scan, ODS) and during the real-time protection (on-access scan, OAS) user applications. This approach significantly reduces the use of resources on VM targets maintaining a high level of security, but the server resource consumption required by the scanning application can slow the real-time protection that monitors the activity of all Infrastructure and automatically scans the files that users access. To avoid this, Kaspersky’s patented technology can meet the processing priority for real-time scanning and by doing so, it can significantly increase processing speed for these priority requests.

This solution is designed to protect Microsoft Hyper-V environments, Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere. To have a minimum impact performance while maintaining a maximum level of security, the patented technology takes into account all the requests made servers on virtual infrastructure, Onishchenko said Alex, product manager at Kaspersky Lab.

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