RoBoHon: the first robot-phone signed Sharp

A novelty that comes straight from Japan could be all the rage among younger and even in old! This is the first “robot-phone,” a fusion between a robot and a nice smartphone …

It is the manufacturer Sharp that was launched in this field. Called RoBoHon, this robot is a small technological feat because it is a true miniature robot, capable of walking or dancing for example, but includes all the features of a smartphone.

RoBoHon: the first robot-phone signed Sharp-1

Sharp unveils RoBoHon, the first “robot-phone” of history

Sharp RoBoHon robot measuring about 20 centimeters and comes straight from Japan, which not surprisingly given that we are talking about robotics! This robot will be able to do everything a smartphone can do and more. It may in particular send or receive calls or messages, will have a 2-inch screen on the back of the robot and a voice recognition system to control actions.

It will weigh 390 grams only for just 19.5 centimeters, which does not make it an impractical object to be transported. He returned for instance perfectly in a pocket. The RoBoHon has a synthetic voice to read messages for example, it can walk, dance, can take pictures, make videos and send them on a wall via its built-in projector. RoBoHon is compatible with 3G and 4G.

According to the manufacturer Sharp, RoBoHon is also able to recognize its owner’s voice, handy if you do not know where you installed it will come up to you! Very playful and very jovial with his little mug of friendly robot, the first robot-phone should know a real success. It will be launched in H1 2016 in Japan, it will therefore wait to see it land us … But by then, Tomotaka Takahashi, the head of the project told the RoBoHon would be further enhanced and could be grafted new features.

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