Synata offers a search engine built for business

With its internal search engine to rival that of Google, is Synata market companies that need to manage information spread across many web platforms.

Synata offers a search engine built for business-1

Live from San Francisco – Created there 3 years, start-up Synata offers secure search engine – cloud or local mode – for businesses. The product connects to structured and unstructured data users so they can quickly find information stored on Salesforce platform, Google Apps, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Zendesk, JIRA, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange and more again. The integration is opening its rights in Salesforce, Box, Dropbox or Chrome – via an extension – with a web interface that displays the information sought. “We use ElasticSearch to provide flexibility to our customers, in addition to Cassandra and Spark,” said the CEO of our young company (based in San Francisco Folsom Street, in the building of Rackspace). “We are first cloud but we also offer an on-premise version of our product [private instance Linux and Docker] for companies that request with a private link for updates.”

Users can use Synata faster to locate files, folders, emails, contacts, calendar events, in chats, wikis, CRM / HR data / ERP, etc. “The hardest part is not indexed but the rise of the right information […] We tweak the documents to find it. We access to such data emails as IT service can do it for all business data. ” This is a security delegation as for all internal search engines, although some treatments are done in the cloud, with data that are already online. After opening an account with Synata, one or two days are needed to index the client’s records and create a first graph.

Still not raising significant funds

For research, we can of course use a keyword or set of words. The results are displayed by categories, source (Dropbox, Gmail, Drive …), date or relevance. For some documents and emails, a preview is possible in the web application. With most documents and files, or not realized, it is possible to see them by clicking on the name to open a new tab. “It is also possible to show the latest files on which we worked,” said the CEO us. With Zendesk, we can find the latest tickets edited for a particular client to access an overview of the day on e-mail exchanges with the support, external stakeholders and intervention reports.

Five people work today in the start-up. Regarding financing, Patrick White is still very cautious. “We are considering a tour A, but the VC pose very difficult conditions. It is still hard for us to justify Tower A, many people are burned wings not being ready. ” For competitors include FindIt or CloudMagic, and of course Autonomy (acquired by HP), which however has a more sophisticated engine that can handle voice or video. “The Google Search Appliance has not been launched, it is a real sea serpent but we learned a lot from Google.” Synata adopted the freemium model to market its service, it is possible to test the service for free before going to take a subscription.

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