Tibco gives his keys to exploit fast data

On the occasion of its event Now Tour Paris October 13, the editor of BI solutions and data integration Tibco presented its latest deals with Container Business Work to facilitate the deployment and operation of applications created in the Cloud Foundry PaaS Pivotal. The company also highlighted its tools for managing and creating API, integrating in its application portfolio Mashery recently acquired from Intel.

Tibco gives his keys to exploit fast data-1

We knew the big data, it will now count with fast data. At the time of the – already almost obsolete – digital processing, the digitalization of sales outlets and marketing, companies more than ever interest to manage, analyze and integrate their data faster than before. This is certainly the view of Tibco, one of the few last remaining independent players in the market of business intelligence and data integration (acquired last year by a private fund for 4.3 billion dollars), during its event organized tour Now Tuesday, October 13 in Paris.

“The business of digital business based on three key components in integrating cloud and API environment, namely the analytical, management and understanding of real-time event stream and Integration”, launched Murray Rode, CEO of Tibco opening of the morning. This is great, since the supplier offers just a battery of products and services in these three areas also meet three distinct categories of users: developers, IT managers and branches. “Our development priorities are ease of hands by taking our solutions to provide a flexible experience that adapts to all user profiles, embrace the cloud through a hybrid approach and industrialize tooling DevOps to support the digitization of activity, “said the CEO of Tibco.

Business Work Container available end of 2015

Alongside Simplr (to facilitate sharing of data between web applications and mobile apps), Matrix BPM 4.0 (creation and application cloning) and Spotfire Recommendations (visualization), Tibco presented its latest solutions to help solve the vast puzzle integration and analysis of increasingly heterogeneous and fragmented data. Data that can be distributed both in their data centers and application environments on-premise, on the cloud.

Including Business Work Container, available by the end of the year as a development kit to facilitate the deployment, updating and operation of applications created in the Cloud Foundry PaaS Pivotal. “In companies having to comply with regulatory requirements or process sensitive data, this solution ensures flexible management of workloads, enabling companies to host information, on premise or in a hybrid cloud,” said Tibco. Also in the area of ​​integration, the publisher also announced the arrival of Cloud Integration (in private beta in November) to allow businesses to create and deploy API without involving IT staff. Should we see a door open to shadow IT? Probably, but it’s mostly, from Tibco, to give a hand to businesses to quickly exploit their data: not surprising in itself, therefore, time fast data …

Management and creation of API, pillar of the strategy Tibco

While Gartner estimates that Restfull API will be used in 75% of interoperability projects in 2020 and that 10 of the largest B2B networks will include networks of API 2018, API management and creation appear precisely as key elements of the strategy Tibco products. And this is not by chance, the publisher is also reinforced in this area by hand last summer on Mashery – previously held by Intel – and customer portfolio of excellent references (Expedia, Best Buy …). He has also lost no time to propose this solution in its range of offers under the name, very original, Tibco Mashery.

With more than 10,000 customers worldwide (Airbus, Air France, BNP Paribas, ING, Procter & Gamble, Nielsen, BAE Systems, Wetsern Union Agreement Hotels …), Tibco has an annual turnover of approximately $ 1 billion and has 3,500 employees.

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